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Wetboyz Send Off

 We almost got out of town unscathed... Dylan only had minor bleeding after attempting a rather tall order of high marking the interurban trail fully loaded. Then I had a case of the chain suck... The only cure... A game of ratball.
 First night we poached Bay-view State Park picnic area and woke up to a beauty sunrise then quickly packed up and headed to Port Townsend.

 Lunch Break near Fort Ebey. Boyz will be Boyz and we certainly did with a game of ratball and other shenanigans keeping our pace exactly where we wanted. Picante. 

 Bainbridge Ferry into Seattle. We had a great hang out day in Chode City then caught a bolt bus home. Pretty great mini trip to send Howard and Chas on the Adventure from the Canadian Border to the Mexican Border. The Wetboyz insured there "safety" from Bellingham to Seattle via Whidbey Island and the Olympic Peninsula.  


River Recon

Last night, some of the crew saw Salsa's new mind-numbingly boring video "Reveal the Path", giving us the inspiration and drive needed to talk about planning a lot of new adventures. Then, today I see this beauty outside the Co-op.

Magna's newest adventure touring rig has "a real aura of serenity" 
(That phrase is a direct quote from the movie. Seriously)

So. Drew and I, and others, have been talking about doing a bikepackrafting trip in the future, and have planned on doing some test trips riding to, and floating down local river stretches, before riding back. Today I did some recon. Nooksack River dike trail to Ferndale. Behold.

Beach ride test #1 - SUCCESS!
(Beach ride test #2 was a total failure.)

This trail is decent.

Off-road exploring beaver lands - remember, it's not about the destination etc etc


Empty corn field makes an awesome mud bog.

If weather holds out, I hope to bring a raft this Sunday and give'r a go. Ride to Hovander, raft downstream to Bellingham Bay, and ride out from Squalicum/Locust/Marietta area. Who's coming with me?


Boise or Bust!

I don't think this ever made it to the blog.  Dennis and Hunter made a trip to Boise to visit Troy and this is the video of their wet adventure.

Boise or Bust from Wetboyz on Vimeo.


Getting up the Whiskey Dick Mountain

Just Outside of Ellensburg, WA on a desolate ridge along the Vantage Highway, there is a windmill farm called the Wild Horse Wind Facility.  From Vantage Highway, Beacon Ridge Road leads up into the hills twisting in and around vast wind mills.  The road continues up along Whiskey Dick Mountain and then ends in the Quilomene and Whiskey Dick wildlife lands that are managed by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.  From there, a series of rocky roads scatter across the hillsides for miles expanding through sage fields and sparse forests.


On Friday June 22, Wetboyz' Kyle and Dylan packed up there bikes and loaded 2 of 5 bike racks on Kyle's small Pontiac Vibe and headed to the big city to fill the rest.  Meanwhile, 3 other Wetboyz (Travis, Seth, and Cale) scrambled to make last minute bike adjustments and tear apart their houses looking for any and all necessary and unnecessary provisions for a weekend in Central Washington.  With no ping pong ball left behind, a record breaking Wetboyz trip departure time of only two and a half hours past the original goal was accomplished.

5 bike racks and 5 butt seats full, a weighted down Pontiac fish-tailed its way through the steep and wet streets of Seattle and up into the Cascade Range along I-90.  The boyz had no destination in mind for the evening and made a cohesive decision to just figure it out when they got there.  Riding bikes on Saturday and Sunday was there only goal; with a tentative plan to head towards the Whiskey Dick Mountain from somewhere else between Cle ellum and Ellensburg, WA.

Undecided and unsure of what was to unfold, the bloated Pontiac loaded with bikes and boyz entered the dark and quiet town roads of Cle Elum, passing closed stores, lifted trucks and brightly lit small town gas stations.  Near the end of town, a flickering neon sign that read 'Mike's Tavern' lured the car into a parking lot as two ol' timers smoked outside.  The boyz squirmed out of the car, made friends with the ol' timers, and went inside for beer and a couple games of pool.  Their new friends fancied out a map that was detailed as all get up, including multiple free camping sites, the gauntlet (the pig patrolled area), the gauntlet detour, and even a cousin's house that if the light was on then the boyz had better stop in and say hi.  Traveling Northwest through Cle Elum, Roslyn, and Cle Elum Lake, the map had every twist and turn in the road labeled, every bar to stop at on the way, and every where there'd be girls to talk to.  There was only one road on the map and that was the only road to follow.

Back in the Pontiac, the boyz decided to check out a camp spot nearby that was on the ol' timer's family land about a mile down the road.  This spot wasn't on the map because it was too close to get lost.  The boyz checked it out and it was right next to the highway and in a swamp.  Unsatisfied, Dylan convinced the rest of the boyz to follow the map through the gauntlet, stop at the bars in Roslyn, and make it out to the end of the road to free camping heaven.

From Cle Elum, the boyz headed Northwest through the night, through the gauntlet and into Roslyn, WA.  They stopped at The Brick Tavern, watched a live band play and sipped on some whiskey.  A few boyz got up and danced while the others sat and listened to a couple pretty girls sing, play the banjo, and fiddle to the tune of Johnny Cash.  Satisfied and ready to move on to the next party the boyz continued Northwest and headed back into the mountains along Cle Elum Lake.

The boyz drove on into the night surprised at the accuracy of the map and its detail to every turn.  They passed the other bars and even passed the ol' timer's cousin's house with a light on.  They passed the pay camp sites and passed Cle Elum Lake.  They were nearing the end of the map and there was a whole box of beer in the back of the Pontiac and they were all excited to put a good dent in it. 

They crossed the last bridge on the map and found their final destination.  They set up their camp, cracked some beers and celebrated their adventure with a headlight lit game of ratball.  A couple boyz tried to chop some wood for a fire but everything was wet and too hard for their hatchet.  Jealous of the glimmering light, crackling of wood, and sound of laughter that could be seen and heard through the trees nearby, they picked up their box of beer and left their camp to make new friends.  

The Boyz walked through the woods to a clearing near a river where they were met with a fleet of lifted trucks and a grandiose tarp fort surrounding a fire pit.  The flames blazed high, circled by a handful of camo jacketed men and women and folding chairs.  The boyz offered some beer and their new friends shared a handle of whiskey.  Some jokes were shared and some games were played; some people even walked on the fire.  The boyz showed their friends how to play ratball and their friends challenged them to a game of flip cup.  One Wetboy passed out with his boots on, and fortunately for the others, red neck rules deemed necessary the use of a permanent marker.  Through the night the shenanigans continued as stories were told and laughter was shared.  And as the sounds of crickets and the morning birds chirped, the boyz drunkenly crawled back to their camp as glimpses of light entered the sky.  

The next morning the Wetboyz woke up and remembered why they drove out there in the first place... to ride bikes.  They said good bye to their new friends and continued on to their next adventure, drove to Thorp and mounted their steeds.


Our bike trip started in Thorp, WA on the John Wayne Trail/Iron Horse State Park.  We rode from Thorp to Ellensburg along the trail and then took Vantage Highway to Beacon Ridge Road and the Wild Horse windmill farm up into the hills in the Whiskey Dick/Quilomene Wild Life recreation area.  We camped in the Wild life lands and then returned to Ellensburg along Parke Creek Road and  Lyons Road and then connected to the Iron Horse trail back to Thorpe.

Vantage Highway

Whiskey Dick Ranch

Vantage Highway

Wild Horse Wind Facility

the old and the new


Beacon Ridge Road

A herd of elk were grazing along Beacon ridge road

Entering Wildlife lands

Saturday night dinner spot... soyrizo, black bean, mac and cheese. yummy.

Sunday morning breakfast and campfire.  views of the Columbia gorge to the left and the Cascades to the right.

Wet Boyz! Flag

Descending Parke Creek Road

We spent a couple hours descending the scenic canyon along Parke Creek

Back to pavement!  All smiles with no worries!
Cale, Seth, Travis, Dylan, Kyle


"I think there is piss on the ratball"

Well I have finally started riding wetboyz style. Sweet urban single track, ratball in bathrooms, epic view points, and sweet loops with multi-terrain features. Here is a taste of the last two rides. Enjoy.
Bathrooms make great courts.
This is a quick puddle report. Definitely a level 10. 
Industrial yet natural...
A great beer break right off the oregon trail. It is a great little single track connector that eventually drops down into the canyon and back to the greenbelt.
More posts to come, stay tuned mate. Puddle jumper out.


Snoqualmie Valley Trail

Last weekend may have been the nicest weekend in March the Pacific Northwest has ever seen.  The Sun, who's girlfriend broke up with him sometime in September, finally decided to come out and bless us with its presence for three whole days.  Luckily for most people, those days happened to fall on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Unluckily for most people, come Monday evening the Sun saw his ex girlfriend skipping through the park with the Moon.  However, Katie and I did get to have some serious fun in the sun on Saturday, as we hopped on our bikes in Snoqualmie, WA and rode along the Snoqualmie Valley Trail up into the foothills of the Cascades to a little ol' place called Rattlesnake Lake.

The very tippy top of the trail (the trailhead) actually starts in Duvall, WA and follows the Snoqualmie River through the town of Carnation and on down to good ol' Snoqualmie (spanning a whopping 30 whole miles!).  We caught up with the trail there and rode the 10 miles along the old rail trail up to Rattlesnake Lake.  The path from that point on is mostly smooth hardpack gravel that gently climbs up into the hills.

Our steeds 

river crossings

mountain views

Once at Rattlesnake Lake the trail connects with the John Wayne Trail and continues over the mountains and into the abyss that is Eastern Washington.  However, with only enough time for a jaunt, Katie and I were satisfied with a lakeside snack before we turned around to head home.

Rattlesnake Lake

speedy downhill tail wind

Look! No hands.

out in the country